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You are invited to Leland Community Methodist
Church this Sunday, July 15, to hear our guest
pastor, Ty Lemke. Visiting from Grace Bible
Church in Ann Arbor, Ty is excited to speak in
our beautiful Leelanau county. He has been
the Senior Pastor at Grace Bible Church in Ann
Arbor for the past 7 years, and prior to Grace,
he served in Southfi eld, Michigan as a student
and family ministries director.
Ty is passionate about the Gospel and has
a very unique way of sharing the message
that includes lots of good stories, humor, and
modern day applications.
Summer Church has been a tradition for
63 years providing a traditional worship
service at 9:15 am at Leland Community
United Methodist Church during the months
of July and August.
106 N. Fourth St., Leland
Coming To
Ty Lemke from Ann Arbor
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